NYT: Elizabeth Warren Isn't Native American
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From the New York Times:

There’s Never Been a Native American Congresswoman. That Could Change in 2018.


Or maybe Senator Warren isn’t a member of Congress? Or she’s not really a woman?
… Today there are two native men in the United States House of Representatives, both Republicans from Oklahoma. (Elizabeth Warren, the senator from Massachusetts, has discussed having native heritage but is not enrolled in a tribe.)
This is actually a pretty sensible way to think about it.

All sorts of white people have family stories about being descended from an Indian princess, and some white people have some Indian ancestry, and some of those people even overlap.

But American Indian tribes have the legal right to police their membership rolls as they see fit, and Senator Warren has never qualified as a member of any tribe. That may sound legalistic and technical, but, then again Senator Warren is a law professor and Harvard Law School advertised her as being Diverse. And if anybody is supposed to understand legal mumbo-jumbo, it’s the good folks at Harvard Law School, such as Professor Warren and her deans.

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