Nicholas Stix Will be on The Political Cesspool Tonight at 9 P.M., EST
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Host James Edwards and I will be discussing the case of Alexandra Wallace, the white UCLA coed, to whose harmless video complaining about Asian students’ obnoxious habit of talking loudly on their cell phones in the school library some (presumably Asian) people responded with death threats, her own school administration responded with condemnation, and the national media responded with a ”two-minute hate.” Meanwhile, the armies of defenders of the First Amendment rights of flag burners, mosque builders, Moslem terrorists, and genocidal black supremacists all suddenly forgot about Miss Wallace’s First Amendment rights.

I will put the Alexandra Wallace case in the context of MSM and college administrations which promote every race hoax to come down the pike, while suppressing knowledge of the constant black-on-white violence plaguing campuses and non-campus life alike, and the refusal of the same national media which manufacture ”racist” white scandals to report on racist atrocities such as the Knoxville Horror and the Pearcy Massacre (here and here).

[ note: We could have illustrated this with pictures of James Edwards or Nicholas Stix. But we decided not to.]

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