Youth For Western Civilization On The Mexifornia Polling Numbers
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This is from Youth For Western Civilization ( The picture and video are of Michael Douglas in Falling Down, and represent the declining quality of life in California.

Peter Brimelow pointed out that this Field poll should be have been reported as very bad news for immigration enthusiasts, since only ten percent of Californians said their lives had improved due to immigration vs. 39 percent who said their lives had gotten worse. Furthermore,  some of the 47 percent who said their lives hadn't gotten worse are lying, because Californians know that anything they say can be used against them.

Mexifornia Dreamin

The Decline of the Golden State

By William L. Houston
Mexifornia DreaminCalifornians are giving their state a big thumbs down.

According to the latest Field Poll, only 39 percent of Californians consider their state "one of the best places to live" in America. In 1985, 78 percent of Californians felt that way. This is the lowest rating California has received in twenty years.

Folks, this is what we call "progress" in action.

The poll really isn't accurate because it doesn't sample public opinion among the half million White Californians - the rejecters - who have abandoned the Golden State over the past ten years as it has been transformed into an extension of Mexico. Two million White Californians abandoned the state in the 1990s.

Most Californians are upset with their dysfunctional state government which is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. 47 percent of Californians say that immigration has had no real impact on their standard of living.

Of those who said it has, 39 percent said it has lowered their quality of life, while 10 percent said that immigration has made life better.

Of those who said it has, 39 percent said it has lowered their quality of life, while 10 percent said that immigration has made life better.

Even if Californians are unwilling to admit it, everyone knows that immigration is the elephant in the room. Immigration is what has transformed the California of The Beach Boys into the Mexifornia of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Why is the California state government so dysfunctional? Because immigration changed the composition of the electorate.

Why is California so inhospitable to middle class conservatives and small businesses with its high taxes and environmentalist red tape? Because immigration changed the composition of the electorate.

Why are California public schools now among the worst in the nation when they used to be among the best? Because immigration changed the nature of the students attending the public schools.

Why aren't California Republicans capable of electing a governor that will seriously address the immigration crisis? Because that would offend Hispanic Democrats who are displacing White Republicans.

Why do Democrats have an unbreakable electoral lock on California? Because immigration drove out White conservatives and deterred the migrants that used to traditionally move to California from the Heartland.

Why is there now so much gang related crime and poverty in California? Because we have imported a servant underclass from Mexico and other Third World countries who have brought with them all their attendant social problems.

Why is there such a low level of trust and sense of community in Los Angeles and other California cities? Because immigration and diversity have combined to destroy social capital.

Why is the California state government so incapable of resolving the budget crisis? Because California taxpayers don't want to pitch in and sacrifice for tax consumers who aren't related to them.

Why is California bankrupt? Because it has been overrun by illegal aliens (and the Democratic politicians who represent them) who have driven out taxpayers and businesses to other states.

Immigration is the major issue that is transforming California into a place where most Californians don't want to live anymore.

It is connected though to all the other issues that YWC is serious about addressing: radical multiculturalism, political correctness, ethnomasochism, affirmative action, free trade and the indoctrination of students on campus.

The root cause of the impending social and fiscal collapse of California is the cultural rot (this notion that human beings are interchangable units and that abstract ideas alone are a sufficient foundation for a successful society) that swept over the state in the 1950s and 1960s. It blasted away the cultural foundation of California's prosperity which has eroded over time.

The epicenter of that change was the college campus where the Boomers were exposed to and adopted the mores of the counterculture. That is why we must "strike at the root" of the problem in order to turn our sinking ship around.

What your parents did in the 1960s on campus launched California on the path to the state that it is today. What you are doing on your college campus in the 2010s will similarly determine what sort of society (a prosperous or a bankrupt one) your children and grandchildren inherit in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite videos, Bill Foster vs. the Chamber of Commerce from the classic 1993 film Falling Down. These business Republicans who engineered the 1986 IRCA amnesty share much of the blame for California's decline.

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