Nicholas Stix: David Frum Being NeoCon On The Trayvon Martin Stunt
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Not only is Nicholas Stix invaluable on the facts of the Martin/Zimmerman event, but also he is doing shrewd analysis of the MSM coverage of the event.

His post today  Vichycon David Frum to MSM: I’ll Support Your Trayvon Martin Hoax, if You’ll Continue Supporting Me as a “Conservative” is strongly recommended reading, as it is clear Punditry entrepreneur David Frum intends to do considerable business in the area.

Stix opens

Frum...used to be some sort of a conservative, and though he no longer is, he still trades on his status as one, among the MSM, in order to stab conservatives in the back. He’s a literate, prettier version of Meghan McCain

and goes on to annotate with crucial factual corrections Frum’s National Post essay Trayvon Martin, and the backlash against the backlash March 24 2012

It is indeed sad to see David Frum playing this role again, after his recent sensible comments on an Immigration Moratorium and Birthright Citizenship.

But I think he is quite right in the final lines of his National Post piece:

You think the 2012 election will be about economics? Think again.

Of course, the Democrats would be destroyed in an energized non-white vs energized white vote contest. In an energized non-white vs demoralized white vote election they have a chance.

That is why the Obamacrats and their MSM allies are striving so hard to embarrass and intimidate White America–to achieve what I discussed in  “Hitler’s Revenge” Paralyzing GOP Hopefuls As Obama Plays Race Card.

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