NEW YORKER: "How Should We Think About Kanye West’s Tweets?"
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From The New Yorker:

How Should We Think About Kanye West’s Tweets?

By Amanda Petrusich April 23, 2018

When did we start seeing this kind of headline in magazines? I can imagine a 1940 Methodist publication using the same “How Should We Think About …” formula. The Daily Worker, too. I can even imagine the 1930 New Yorker running a Robert Benchley parody of a Sunday sermon with this kind of headline.

Update: Here’s an actual 1937 Benchley piece in The New Yorker:

Why We Laugh—Or Do We?

But this current concern with Having Proper Thoughts seems alien to the New Yorker tradition, which founding editor Harold Ross explained in 1925 was that “it is not edited for the old lady in Dubuque.”

Is every ex-Kanye fan in 2018 a metaphorical old lady in Dubuque?

What are some evolutions of this trend that we will see in future New Yorkers?

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