New Poll: Now A Hispanic Majority Wants Mass Deportations. Democratic Elite Getting The Bill For Betrayal.
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A watershed poll has just appeared: Majority of Hispanics Now Favor Mass Deportation [by Khaleda Rahman, Newsweek, June 17, 2024]:

The CBS News/YouGov poll found that mass deportation was popular with Hispanics, with 53 percent saying they would favor such a program and 47 percent saying they would oppose it.

White people were more supportive of mass deportations, with 67 percent saying they would support the program, and 33 percent saying they would oppose it. Among Black people, it was 47 percent in favor and 53 percent opposed.

So the community most directly damaged by the immivasion is the least inclined to decisive action to stop the harm [Valiant Black Academic Roger House Again Explicates Immigration’s Harm To Blacks, Congressional Black Caucus’s  Betrayal. Lacks Political Solution].

This, to some counterintuitive, stance by Hispanics has been observed before. I posted in April The LATIN TIMES Reports Large And Increasing Share Of Hispanics Favor Building Wall, Deporting All Illegals.

But back then, though strong, support in an April Apsos-Ipsos poll for deportation was not a majority:

42% said they’d back building a wall or fence across the entire U.S.-Mexico border and 38% that they favor sending all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. back to their country of origin.

Although this was

…an increase of 12 and 10 percentage points, respectively, in a year and a half.

It is a measure of the utterly ignorant and callous attitude of the Democratic elite to their natural supporters that this seismic event has occurred.

Immigrants tend to go where their countrymen have already colonized. Immigrants already here are really in the front line.

I marveled at the lack of empathy shown by the  Democratic Nomenklatura  when I wrote NYC Mayor Adams Has Migrant Crisis “Solution”: Attack Living Standards Of N.Y. Working Class.

I still marvel at it.

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