The LATIN TIMES Reports Large And Increasing Share Of Hispanics Favor Building Wall, Deporting All Illegals
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Earlier, by Steve Sailer,  2010: What GOP Should Say To Hispanics: ”Vote Like Americans!”

Here is an interesting item from the Latin Times, which says it

is here to give a greater voice to Latinos in the United States.

Apparently this does not involve withholding news which might be unwelcome to partisans, unlike the habitual behavior of the anglophone U.S. MSM.

Most Latinos Support Citizenship Path for Undocumented, but Backing for Border Wall Grows, by Demian Bio, April 9, 2024] has the striking subheadline A survey by Axios-Ipsos also showed more members of the demographic favor sending all undocumented immigrants back to their countries of origin.

Predictably, most Hispanics favor more privileges and benefits for Hispanics. But that does not necessarily always apply to recent or prospective arrivals.

…there's an increasing amount who are backing a crackdown, according to a new Axios-Ipsos poll focused on the demographic.

Since a poll taken in December 2021,

 …the amount of respondents who supported harsher measures did increase significantly. 42% said they'd back building a wall or fence across the entire U.S.-Mexico border and 38% that they favor sending all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. back to their country of origin. [Emphasis in original]

The number holding these opinions is rising rapidly, showing

 an increase of 12 and 10 percentage points, respectively, in a year and a half.

This is not surprising. It is a myth that immigrants invariably like the arrival of immigrants: look at Peter Brimelow.

For one reason, new immigrants tend to go to areas already impacted by immigration. The process of degradation of living standards of existing residents I laid out in NYC Mayor Adams Has Migrant Crisis “Solution”: Attack Living Standards Of N.Y. Working Class applies to the longer-standing immigrants too.

The moral: Immigration patriots need not fear campaigning  against immigration. A surprisingly large and rising proportion of immigrants agree with them.

Maybe they want to be Americans.

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