NYC Mayor Adams Has Migrant Crisis “Solution”: Attack Living Standards Of N.Y. Working Class
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If you live far away from New York it is amusing that a vicious battle of blame shifting for N.Y.’s migrant crisis had broken out between the Democratic Governor and Mayor: Gov. Hochul slams Mayor Adams’ migrant response as slow in scathing letter [by Bernadette Hogan, New York Post, August 16, 2023].

If you have to be in N.Y. the situation is very unamusing. Residents of the lower income areas, where the immivaders usually seem to wind up, are getting annoyed: Queens residents accuse Mayor Adams of ‘destroying’ NYC with handling of migrant crisis, by Carl Campanile and Isable Keane, New York Post, August 14,2023].

“You’re going to destroy our community, destroy our property values. There’s going to be crime. There’s going to be drug taking…“
“People are devastated. The idea of bringing 1,000 single, able-bodied migrants right into our neighborhood. There’s no curfew. They’re unvetted. What diseases do they have? Who are they?“

Adams categorically rejects any idea of asking the Biden Administration to abandon its “No Borders“ policy, arrogantly proclaiming

I’ve been saying it over and over again. This is going to come to your community.

However, Adams has deployed a subterfuge: intensify the attack on the living standards of working-class New Yorkers: NYC Mayor Eric Adams slams Biden administration’s migrant work permit delays [by Emily Crane, New York Post, August 15, 2023].

Allowing the immivaders to work legally might do something to ease the financial burden they have placed on the city. It will do nothing to ease the stress caused by the presence of so many non-English-speaking consumers of social services, including education. And of course it will depress the wages of all unskilled and manual workers in the area.

Signs on this stress were reported by ZeroHedge last week: Manhattan Rents Hit Record High As Lease Activity Slumps, Indicating Deepening Affordability Crisis.

New York City is experiencing the worst housing crisis in a generation. The limited supply of apartments led to record high rents in July, the peak rental month of the year, just before the start of the school year…

A separate report, published in April by Fund for the City of New York & United Way of New York City, found half of the households in the city barely had enough money to “comfortably“ afford rent and other expenses.

This is happening all over the city. The influx of migrants, legal and illegal, is pushing up the demand for housing. (In the second story above, Adams indicates that over 42% of the 100,000 arrivals since 2022 have found private sector housing.)

This immivasion has been a bonanza for NYC landlords, and increasingly will be for the area’s employers of low-quality labor.

They, and the prospect of new voters, is what the Democrats of 2023 care about.

They do not care about American workers.

Afterthought: in the first link above

Hochul’s lawyer went on to break down the $1.5 billion bill the state has already committed … but urged the city to ensure the funds were being “properly managed.”

Sounds like another scandal is brewing.


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