New Biden Regime ”Refugee” Program Is A Massive Fraud
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The Biden Regime has announced another amnesty of sorts, this is technically allocating refugee slots to Latin America and the Caribbean. The fraud here is that there is no basis for refugee status, an alien of humanitarian interest to the United States who is subject to persecution by their country of citizenship or last habitual residence.

The only nation really participating in persecution of its citizens is Cuba, with Venezuela a less convincing case as the political opposition has been neutralized and open persecution ended. Venezuela does remain an economic basket case, partly because of U.S. sanctions, but also because of typical Third World mismanagement.

Since Cubans have their own illegal family reunification program, a parole amnesty, and the Cuban Adjustment Act, Cuba does not actually produce many bona fide refugees, as all just make use of easier programs that have little or no documentary requirements.

Similarly, Venezuela produces little in the way of actual refugees, most being economic migrants and few actually applying for asylum once they enter the United States. In fact Venezuelans are openly advertising their love of their nation while simultaneously fleeing it.

Venezuelans often are frequently seen waving their flag as they cross the border, even raising their flag over an American island in the Rio Grande. Hardly the actions of a group fleeing persecution. How many Vietnamese refugees were seen in the South China Sea waiving the flag of Vietnam? None.

Venezuelans also openly admit that they are coming here for economic reasons.

The U.S. will aim to resettle up to 50,000 refugees from Latin America and the Caribbean in the next 12 months as part of a Biden administration plan to welcome as many as 125,000 people fleeing violence across the globe in fiscal year 2024, according to internal government memos obtained by CBS News.

While the Biden administration plans to keep the annual 125,000 cap on refugees it has had in place for the past two years, it is also proposing dramatic changes to how those spots are allocated in fiscal year 2024, which starts in October, the internal State Department and Homeland Security documents show.

U.S. Aims To Resettle Up To 50,000 Refugees From Latin America In 2024 Under Biden Plan, by Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS News, September 27, 2023

So, just what is the purpose? It is to alleviate the bad optics on the border.

The departments’ proposal envisions the U.S. admitting vastly greater numbers of refugees from the Western Hemisphere as a way to divert migrants away from the U.S.-Mexico border, where illegal crossings have spiked to record levels. The regional allocations are also ranges, as opposed to specific caps, to allow for flexibility in tweaking the program.

The proposal is expected to be sent to President Biden’s desk after consultations with Congress on Wednesday, the documents say.

The problem with the plan is that since the border invaders are not qualified for refugee status or asylum, the Biden Regime will be illegally approving refugee applications to avoid those aliens who benefit from a fraudulently approved application appearing at the border on the evening news and impacting the upcoming Presidential election.

The new Biden Refugee Amnesty is designed to take the pressure off the border, but it will be ineffective. Each illegal alien who crosses the border immediately calls home to let family members know he was successful. That encourages others to make the trip to the border and enter illegally. It is much faster method of entry than submitting and waiting for a refugee application to be adjudicated which takes a year or more. Enter illegally and the invader will be released to work, either legally or illegally, and obtain welfare benefits much quicker than a refugee applicant cooling their heels in some foreign land. Nor will it impact on the rising numbers of Africans and Asians using the open southern border as the primary method of entering the United States.

This shows how desperate the Biden Regime is and that Republicans should make immigration the issue in the 2024 campaign.

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