NeoCon Stooge Senator Kelly Ayotte (R(?)- NH) Heeds Paymasters On Amnesty
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New Hampshire's Ayotte: "But it's what the donors want".

The news about New Hampshire’s Senator Kelly Ayotte GOP's Ayotte says she'll support Senate immigration bill by Carrie Dann NBC News Sun Jun 9, 2013 is very annoying but completely predictable.

Very annoying because Ayotte won her primary in 2010 in part by denouncing her Cheap Labor lobby opponent (correctly) for being in favor of Amnesty and against Arizona’s SB1070.

Of course, McCain and Rubio were busy lying about their immigration beliefs in 2010 as well.

Completely predictable because on arriving in DC Ayotte immediately went full Neocon, joining the McCain/Lindsey Graham War party and being rewarded by quite frequent MSM appearances. The buyers of Romney’s Vice Presidential nomination decision even floated trial balloons about giving her the slot.

On immigration, Ayotte hid. Incredibly, her NumbersUSA career ranking is still “No Grade” – she has completely dodged the issue after almost 3 years in the Senate. This was bad enough when I denounced it in 2011 in New Hampshire's Congressman Guinta and Senator Ayotte: The Brave And The Cowardly. (Sadly, Representative Guinta who had the brains and courage to denounce Obama’s Administrative Amnesty Coup D’état was defeated in the Romney Debacle last year.)

NBC points out that Ayotte has posted an essay on her Senate website Why I'm backing legislation to fix our broken immigration system Jun 9, 2013. This piece is solid obsolescent cliché, very possibly written by the same hand which gave Marco Rubio the script he so badly mangled in his January Wall Street Journal interview. It even includes

As a nation of immigrants, we must remember that we're all descended from people who came here from somewhere else in search of a better life…We are all heirs to the dreams and hard work of the immigrants who helped build this country - neighborhood by neighborhood.

This fallacy is about as untrue of heavily Yankee New Hampshire as anywhere in the country. But it seems to be a compulsory statement of cultural subservience nowadays.

The “Ayotte” essay displays no awareness of New Hampshire facts or recent events such as the Boston bombings which numerous of her constituents probably witnessed, or up to date arguments. That is because arguments are not what matters.

However, “Ayotte” does mutter about the bill

I...plan to vote for amendments offered to strengthen it…during the upcoming debate, I will support strengthening the legislation's border security measures even further.

This suggests her managers fear the patriotic reaction in New Hampshire and want to give her cover– in my opinion a large part of the motivation behind Michael Bloomberg group’s new Kelly Ayotte ad by Katie Glueck Politico 6/5/13 which otherwise is a waste of $400,000 since Ayotte is unfortunately not up for re election until 2016. Gun control is great for distracting the peasants!

This Invite the World and Invade the World stance is suicide for the GOP – and hence America.

But it pays the bills!


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