Immigration Decisive in New Hampshire GOP Contest?
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As so often, New Hampshire is punching above its weight politically. The September 14 Republican U.S. Senate primary has produced a woman capable of decisiveness: Ayotte mailers drill Binnie on immigration By David Catanese 9/3/10

...the Republican Senate candidate is sending thousands of scathing leaflets to New Hampshire voters hammering her primary opponent on illegal immigration.

In one piece, [Kelly] Ayotte places GOP entrepreneur Bill Binnie's picture alongside President Obama to equate the positions of the two men on the controversial Arizona law currently tied up in federal court.

"There's No Question As To Where Bill Binnie Stands On Illegal Immigration," it continues on the back, referencing a quote from Binnie in May, where he said he doesn't believe in the Arizona law....

"The fact is, in his own words Bill Binnie moved his manufacturing plant to Mexico. Supports amnesty for illegal immigrants. Opposes the Arizona immigration law"

Bill Binnie, as it happens, was brought to America as a very young child. Somehow he got on to the Harvard/Harvard Business School gravy train. (Which native-born American did he displace?)


The strategy may be working. The Concord Monitor reports: Magellan poll: good news for Ayotte By Shira Schoenberg September 3,2010:


The poll has Ayotte leading the Republican field by 13 points, with Ovide Lamontagne coming in second. That's a change from most other recent polls, which had Bill Binnie close on Ayotte's heels.

The seat is being relinquished by Republican Judd Gregg (NumbersUSA Career ranking C)

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