Nanny Press Update
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The thing most maddening about the MSM is how they routinely report on the various socially approved brutalities of the world (often against women), yet continue to preach the failed ideology of multiculturalism, which asserts all cultures are morally equal.

Unsurprisingly, the New York Times is the leader of the pack.

This week's Times magazine ran a long and detailed article, "The New Berlin Wall", an excellent piece about the unhappy awakening of Germans to the hostile Muslims in their midst. Front and center is the monstrous treatment of women, from honor killings to outright slavery.

But the books of the three Muslim dissidents now tell us what Germans like me didn't care to know. What they report seems almost unbelievable. They describe an everyday life of oppression, isolation, imprisonment and brutal corporal punishment for Muslim women and girls in Germany, a situation for which there is only one word: slavery.

But when Americans seek to slow immigration and allow the assimilation engine to revive, the NYT accuses pro-border citizens of being "vigilantes" and maintains the drumbeat of immigrant sob stories.

Mostly it acts as the nanny press' sheep-in-chief, purposefully leading lesser journalistic lights in calming the crazed conservatives of the heartland, or so it apparently believes. Without the Times' constant nagging that Diversity Is Good, benighted Red Staters would be mass-lynching every Mexican and Muslim in sight. Right.

As I've noted before, at least some of the elite press in Europe has snapped out of its multicultural fantasy. It's long past time for the Grey Lady to do the same. Question diversity, anyone?

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