Smart Fence Or Dumb DHS?
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"You could say in some ways we're going to have a virtual fence, because we're going to use a mix of technology and Border Patrol and infrastructure to create what is in effect a barrier to entry," Chertoff said. "But it's going to be a smart fence, not a stupid fence."

This is from the head of our Homeland Security on Duncan Hunter's plan to put a fence up across our border with Mexico. The president understands that doing so would severely effect the influx of "willing workers" into the U.S. and is therefore against it. I would write more, but am going to rush out and see if the locks on my home and the fence around my own little piece of the American Dream qualify as a "smart" or "stupid" effort at security. Then I am going to look at this picture of my friend Robert Vasquez and me standing three feet from the border from my last trip to Arizona and try to decide if the border security Bush has allowed for five years, four of them after 11 September, is "smart".

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