Nancy Drew, Another Iconic American Character No Longer White—Thanks To Hollywood
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Leftist Hollywood is at it again. This time, Nancy Drew will be another color. Anything other than white.

tolling1aFrom The Hollywood Reporter:

“She is diverse, that is the way she is written,” the executive told THR immediately following his time in front of the press at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour Tuesday. While Geller said it was too early in the process to explain just what he meant by diverse — whether Nancy is African-American, Asian-American or Latino, he said it would hinge on finding the right actress for the part. “[She will] not [be] Caucasian,” he stressed. “I’d be open to any ethnicity.”
Any that is, except for something European, in this case, Irish, English, French or German.

This is part of Hollywood’s self-loathing war against whites.

A white character from the Harry Potter series, Hermione, will be black on stage. And consider the other efforts to darken the complexion of famous white characters, most recently Charlie Brown.

Slate even “reimagined” “The Godfather.” Yes, (re)imagine that: Don LaQuan.


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