The Biden Era Starts With A Bang: "6 Police Killings" Means MULTIPLE Attempts To Murder Police
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From the Washington Post news section:

1 verdict, then 6 police killings across America in 24 hours

Small sample size, but that’s about 2.5x to 3x the weekday average.

By Alanna Durkin Richer and Lindsay Whitehurst  | AP
April 24, 2021 at 11:59 a.m. PDT

Even as the Derek Chauvin case was fresh in memory — the reading of the verdict in a Minneapolis courtroom, the shackling of the former police officer, the jubilation at what many saw as justice in the death of George Floyd — even then, blood flowed on America’s streets.

And even then, some of that blood was shed at the hands of law enforcement.

At least six people were fatally shot by officers across the United States in the 24 hours after jurors reached a verdict in the murder case against Chauvin on Tuesday.

Do you get the impression that the Biden Era isn’t as calm as was promised?

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