Muslim Hospital Gowns
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bhThis is an item I wrote a week ago and never got around to publishing.

Muslims in Britain are now getting a new kind of hospital gown. It's designed for women who normally wear a burka or chador in public.

The Daily Express featured the new gown on its front-page Tuesday. But the right-of-centre newspaper was critical, arguing that the gown's introduction was an example of "political correctness" and skewed priorities.
It added in an editorial that it was tantamount to special treatment for one group of people.
"If people want to live in Britain, then they must accept British standards and the British way of life... The standard hospital gown is surely good enough for everyone."
BREITBART.COM - British hospital introduces burka-style gown for Muslim patients


I agree that they're being unusually submissive to Muslim sensitivities, but the Daily Express is wrong to say that the standard hospital gown "good enough for everyone." The standard hospital gown is horrible.

Everyone who has ever had to wear one of these things for any reason has hated it.

A spokesman for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS TRust said: "It has been brought in because some ladies simply felt they could not wear the normal gown which, as we know, can show parts of us we do not want on show.
"We have had examples of people not showing up for operations. This can only help."
Muslim women get their own NHS burka-style gown The Daily Mail

Yes, well, that's the way the rest of us feel about hospital gowns, and I would hope that the people who designed these things will be willing to give some kind of decent covering (without the armed-robbery style face mask) to non-Muslims who are sick in hospital.

But it's a shame that it took the rise of Muslim power and authority in the West to challenge the authority of doctors and nurses, who, when they get you in their clutches act as if they were as infallible as the Pope. Oh, wait...

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