MSM, NeoCons Rally To Gingrich - But Fear Immigration, Bachmann
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Gingrich important


Gingrich: Mine is the IMPORTANT support!


Newt Gingrich is continuing to benefit from appealing to his preferred constituency by raising the Amnesty/Cheap Labor importation banner at last Tuesday’s GOP debate. MSM and now NeoCon support continues to rally to him. In the process Romney’s immigration credentials are being denigrated – not without some reason, of course.


But a Horrible Thought has occurred to his friends: could this revive the candidacy of Michelle Bachmann – on the NumbersUSA scorecard, unquestionably the most promising of the contenders?


Hence Gingrich is Right, Bachmann is Wrong in Immigration Dispute Stuart Anderson Forbes 11/27/2011. Anderson is a long-time Treason Lobby flack – his beat at Forbes seems to be exclusively Open Borders propaganda.


"…Rep. Michele Bachmann’s recent attack on former House Speaker Newt Gingrich …centers on a statement Newt Gingrich signed…released back in 2004 by my organization, the National Foundation for American Policy, and the Manhattan Institute. The statement did not propose an amnesty."
This is ludicrous. The statement was released in support of the first Bush Amnesty effort and stated:


"It has become clear that the only viable approach to reform is combining enforcement with additional legal avenues for those who wish to work in our economy, while also addressing the situation of those already here in the U.S." ( emphasis)

Anderson blows his cover by ending by quoting approvingly from the Wall Street Journal’s Friday Nov 25 2011 editorial To Err is ‘Humane’ which charmingly described the wish for illegal immigrants to leave as “psychotic” and denounced any candidate in favor of deportations as “unfit to be President”


NeoCon Central – Commentary – has published a  characteristically crude piece of bluster by former Kemp aide Peter Wehner Michele Bachmann’s Misleading Claims 11.27.2011 which attempts to bury Bachmann’s Gingrich critique in a barrage of quibbles about her own position. Bachmann is not perfect on immigration, but she simply is not Gingrich (not as rich, for one thing!).


Of course, the prize for Gingrich was endorsement by the Manchester Union Leader. While a generation ago this newspaper was a conservative force, it has become very Establishment – endorsing Bush in 2004 and McCain in 2008.  Supporting NumbersUSA D- Gingrich this weekend was ironic considering Manchester’s Treason Lobby Mayor has just begged for a respite in refugee inundation – as Brenda Walker reported yesterday.


But even Politico’s gushing account Newt Gingrich's chance to narrow GOP field By Jonathan Martin 11/28/11 betrays fear of the immigration issue


"...the paper helped temporarily blunt the immigration issue that is complicating Gingrich’s prospects… it’s unclear what he’ll do to push back against critics of his proposal to grant longtime illegal immigrants with a “red card” that wouldn’t confer citizenship but would allow them to stay in the country… “I count Gingrich as one of those who peaked and is now descending,” said western Iowa GOP activist Ann Trimble-Ray… “Immigration [is a] third rail for Iowans and Newt landed right on it.”

and of Bachmann


"In Iowa over the weekend, it was Bachmann who hammered at Gingrich. “He has a long history of supporting amnesty, and that’s not something that people in Iowa are supporting,” Bachmann said."

Gingrich’s servile Hispandering and appalling immigration (and affirmative action) record does indeed have a long history.


The MSM has a lot to repress.

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