Gingrich Amnesty Gambit Paying Off - In MSM Enthusiasm
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Newt Gingrich’s dramatic declaration in favor of Amnesty and legal cheap labor imports during Tuesday’s GOP debate is paying off handsomely in the constituency he really cares about: the Mainstream Media.

This practically assures that if not elected President he will be able to go back to wallowing in an even more richly-funded influence-peddling sty. But he may not have to: as the campaign broadens out to the primaries and access to the broad mass of apolitical Americans becomes critical, the power of the MSM is at its most influential. After all, who else lumbered the Republicans with John McCain?

A sample of the applause:

• The prize: an approving editorial from the Washington Post!
Gingrich’s immigration crucible Thursday, November 24

"In September…no one paid much attention when Newt Gingrich urged a “much more humane” alternative to dealing with illegal immigrants than mass deportation…Now that Mr. Gingrich is leading — for the time being — he is under fierce attack within the GOP for reprising the same common-sense message.

In an earlier debate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry brought the party’s wrath upon his head for rightly suggesting that it is heartless to deny opportunities to undocumented youngsters who grew up and were educated in this country. Mr. Gingrich, to his credit, said very much the same thing, formulating his argument in what he clearly hopes are less incendiary terms."

• Followed by - applause from prominent Republican supporter Ruben Navarrette!

Gingrich's note of reason on immigration  CNN November 24, 2011

"For a more substantive, honest and mature discussion of border security — and the larger immigration issue that has been bound to it — you had to turn to Newt Gingrich…

He must stand behind his comments. If he does that, maybe he can help Republicans see that they're not doing themselves, their party or their country any favors by trying to substitute pandering for a more meaningful discussion of how you secure the border."

• And enthusiasm from NPR: At GOP Security Debate, Gingrich's Tolerance On Immigration Stands Out By Frank James, NPR November 22, 2011

"The big theme out of Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate in Washington was Newt Gingrich's compassionate stance toward illegal immigrants who have put down deep roots in the U.S….Gingrich may be able to better weather the coming storm because he possesses vastly superior rhetorical skills than Perry."

Other oohings of enthusiasm:

• Could Gingrich’s Immigration Stance Boost His 2012 Chances? By Amy Bingham ABC News

"…Gingrich’s call for a path to legalization for people who have long-established family roots in America may actually boost his White House prospects.

Gingrich’s stance may differ widely from his fellow candidates, but it is actually fairly similar to that of the last two men who successfully clinched the Republican nomination, Sen. John McCain and George W. Bush, both of which were also accused of supporting amnesty."

• Newt Gingrich Doubles Down in Defending Stance on Illegal Immigration by Howard Kurtz The Daily Beast Nov 24, 2011

"It may have looked as if Newt Gingrich stepped onto the debate stage with every intention of rolling the dice on the volatile issue of immigration…so far, at least, the negative firestorm predicted by the press has not immediately materialized….Gingrich also scored points with the media elite that he loves to castigate. While journalists felt a duty to delineate the danger he faces, some also credited him with taking a sane position that rises above pandering."

 Gingrich, Immigration and ‘What Would Reagan Do? by Nate Silver New York Times November 23, 2011

"Newt Gingrich was having what seemed to be a pretty strong debate on Tuesday night before …He suggested that illegal immigrants should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and that some who have been in the United States for a long time should be allowed to stay…my view is that… Mr. Gingrich’s answer will not be all that harmful to him."

And, probably most immediately valuable of all, cheering on the  Wall Street Journal Editorial page, still well-read by Republicans despite its fanatical Open-Borderism.

• To Err Is 'Humane'
Gingrich's immigration gaffe was to tell the deportation truth
November 25, 2011

"…the candidates are beating up Newt Gingrich for saying in Tuesday night's debate that mass deportations of illegal immigrants wouldn't be "humane," and it's true that isn't the right word. He should have said it would be psychotic."

Rush Limbaugh was quite right to draw attention to “Raves from CNN Liberals” after Gingrich’s remarks.

The question: after all this applause from these media Big Feet – including the Neocon gang who have seized the WSJ – all well known for their deep concern for the American nation:

  • Will the GOP electorate have the insolence not to obey orders?
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