Dr. Norm Matloff: Stuart Anderson On C-SPAN—Slicker Than Ever
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Dr. Norm Matloff writes:

Stuart Anderson [VDARE.COM NOTE: A notorious open borders fanatic, see his review of Alien Nation] was on C-SPAN today. You can view the tape of the program here.

This was Anderson at his slickest. For example, one caller asked about cases in which Americans were laid off and forced to train their H-1B replacements. Anderson said (this is not verbatim), "It's illegal to lay off an American and pay the H-1B less than the prevailing wage."

Slick! It's illegal to pay less than the prevailing wage, period; the layoff is irrelevant. But Anderson was able to use this juxtaposition to make it sound like it is illegal to lay off an American and replace him/her with an H-1B.

And of course the key point about prevailing wage law is that it is full of loopholes, so that the legal prevailing wage is well below the real market wage. Several callers brought up the issue of H-1Bs as cheap labor, but unfortunately they didn't know it's a loophole issue, which allowed Anderson to say, as usual, that the solution is better enforcement of the law. He's been through this hundreds of times, and he knows exactly how to make it all sound so reasonable; the poor callers just aren't ready for him.


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