More Voting Rights Act Decision On Twitter, Including Matt Yglesias Accusing NATIONAL REVIEW Of Being Pro-White
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The Voting Rights Act decision takes away Federal control of local voting rules, especially in the South.

Robert Stacy McCain, who lives in the South, Tweets:

Sean Trende links to someone reacting rationally:

Melissa Harris-Perry (a nominally black lady professor) thinks this has taken away her "citizenship."

Matt Yglesias, who is nominally Hispanic, is going on about the evils of the old National Review.

It's true that in the old days(50 or 60 years ago) National Review took the Southern, white, side of the Voting Rights issue, see here, and here. But they've more or less given that up.

Ask John Derbyshire if you don't believe me.

P.S. Has Matt Yglesias visited Birmingham, Atlanta, or Memphis, recently to enjoy the consequences of Voting Rights Act? NRO staffers were a little freaked out by Charlotte, NC.

And Dave Weigel asks a question:

Answer: because it's racist. The Mexicans have it, and everybody knows they're racist.

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