Voting Rights Hysteria: "Revisit Who Didn't Vote In 2012: White Voters"
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Parts of the Voting Rights Act have been struck down by the Supreme Court, and liberals are reacting predictably.

Seen on Twitter:

That's true: see Steve Sailer's Census Bureau Refutes “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Mantra—Obama Won Because Of Old Black Ladies (And Turned-Off Whites).

Of course, Sailer's point about turnout among elderly black women was that it was apparently driven by the Democrats' promotion of the Narrative that the Republicans were trying to take away their voting rights:

It’s worth noting that the Democrats are perfecting racial dog whistling with their constant claims that Republicans are trying to strip the vote from minorities, assertions that seemingly resounded with elderly blacks.

Black news site The Root reported:

The NAACP also credited its leadership in the pitched battle against Republican-led state voting restrictions such as photo-identification laws. Numerous civil rights groups and the Obama team fomented a backlash among black voters with a "Don’t let them take away your vote!" message.

[Black Voter Turnout Is Up. Will That Persist?By Corey Dale, May 12, 2013]

This crowing by the NAACP, normally a dusty yesterday’s-news organization, is not unreasonable: The Census Bureau study suggests the NAACP really did help generate a backlash among elderly blacks.

Romney, by contrast, failed to generate any kind of enthusiasm among whites. I believe he thought that would be wrong.

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