More "Blue Card" Baloney From Intel And The Washington Post
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The latest in industry talking point to get an increase in the number of H-1B cheap guest worker visas is to point out the European Union "Blue Card." The story goes that this Blue Card demonstrates that Europe recognizes the need to be immigrant friendly to compete in the world talent market and that the U.S. is not immigrant friendly. See this op-ed in the Washington Post by Intel's chairman: A Talent Contest We're Losing [By Craig Barrett, December 23, 2007]

Ignoring the fact that the U.S. takes in the lion's share of the world's immigrants (some reports even put it at the majority), there is one tiny little problem: The Blue Card does not exist.

The Blue Card is merely a proposal. Since it would require the unanimous approval from the EU member counties to go into effect, the Blue Card is unlikely to ever come about.

The mere fact that H-1B zealots in the U.S. are using the threat of the Blue Card to demand more cheap labor shows the lack of facts on their side and the depths of their intellectual dishonesty.

One example of that dishonesty is at the end of the article:

"The writer is chairman of Intel Corp., which employs about 2,000 employees with H-1B visas among its 86,000 workers worldwide."
A true measure here would be the number of H-1B employees among its U.S. workers. This practice of diluting by using the number of worldwide workers is at standard deception among cheap labor zealots.
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