U.S. Army Sets up Diversity Task Force
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Today’s U.S. Army faces great challenges, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, as well in setting priorities for Army doctrine and training.

General Casey, the Army’s Chief of Staff, also believes it’s very important to set up a “diversity task forceâ”for the Army.

This is not really surprising, as the Army is already a lot more PC than many people may realize . Army doctrine and practice is already influenced by multiculturalism and feminism. Soldiers getting ready to deploy to the Middle East are even lectured on the peaceful nature of Islam.

But General Casey thought the Army hadn’t been paying enough attention to diversity. According to an article on Army.Mil/News :

Gen. Casey said that being at war for six years has kept the Army busy and focused on operations, but he feels that diversity should always be a priority.

Imagine that, an army being focused on operations rather than diversity! Well, the chief of staff set out to remedy that situation:

"I started getting a sense, that because of everything going on, because of the war, because of how stretched we were, that it caused a perception that we were done, that we had licked this already, that people weren't paying (diversity) the attention that is due. So we need to do something to energize folks and change the focus of folks on diversity."

So, General Casey set up a new diversity task force headed by Brig. Gen. Belinda Pinckney, whose current position is commander of the Army's Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command.

What's the purpose of the Army's Diversity Task Force?

"The purpose of the task force is to increase awareness and to inform ourselves about how we need to adapt what we're doing so we can sustain awareness and focus on diversity," Gen. Casey said.

Wow, don't you just know that all our enemies (and potential enemies) will be shaking in their boots when they hear about this Diversity Task Force?


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