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Forbes' Binswager: "America owes Illegals Amnesty AND Apology."

One Old Vet has already swung into action today, posting a compendium of 15 Amnesty related stories.

Of these, by far the most annoying and, alas, probably significant, is Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Is Not Enough, They Deserve An Apology by Harry Binswager Forbes 0/04/2013

An “illegal” immigrant is, in principle, like a Jew in Nazi Germany who refused to wear the yellow star…

The principle established at the Nuremberg war-crimes trials was that a monstrous act cannot be excused by saying that one was merely obeying the law–”just following orders.” …A monstrous law should neither be obeyed nor enforced. It must be repealed.

It is not enough to give “illegals” amnesty. These long-oppressed individuals deserve an official apology from our government

I believe that this kind of attitude – from what James Fulford today calls “Ethnic Agenda-Mongers” - is much larger a part of the drive to Amnesty than most American realize.

A valuable piece from the New York Times News Service  was carried by the Longview Texas News-Journal With reform again on table, border security under microscope By Damien Cave Sun, Mar 3, 2012. This long (2,600 word) essay conclusively documents that the Mexican border is nowhere near secure, in large part because the border fence is incomplete.

It must never be forgotten that within the past few months Israel has proven that a properly operated border fence works.

On a pleasanter note our old friend Mike Scruggs – a far better man that the Binswagers of this world – has an excellent column in the Ashville NC Tribune Immigration reform deception: the negligible distinction between two really bad plans March 2, 2013. This is a thorough and succinct statement of the Amnesty situation and deserves wide circulation.

In late January, the “Gang-of-Eight” (Four radical Democrats and pro-amnesty Republican Senators McCain, Graham, Flake, and Rubio) launched Senate legislation to grant legal status (amnesty) and immediate work permits to millions of illegal immigrants now in the U.S.

President Obama has his own immigration plan with even more generous provisions for illegal immigrants, but it is not much worse than the Gang-of-Eight plan. The Gang-of-Eight is deceptively comparing their amnesty as more conservative than Obama’s plan. But it is not conservative at all. The plans are identical in most respects. In my opinion, the Obama Plan was deliberately leaked as part of a joint stratagem with the Gang-of-Eight to portray the Gang’s plan as a “moderate” alternative to Obama’s plan in order to get more Republican votes. This is outrageous misrepresentation.

The Drudge Report has reverted to plan and carries nothing.

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