Milwaukee Shooting: Six Out Of Eleven Mass Shootings in 86% White Wisconsin Are By Minorities Or Immigrants
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Earlier: Disgruntled Minority Massacre: Shooter In Milwaukee Allegedly Black Employee Called Anthony Ferrill

A story about the so-far-officially unnamed shooter in Milwaukee gives the 10 previous mass shootings in Wisconsin since 2004, when the Chai Soua Vang case had the late Sam Francis writing, here on, a story called Why Immigrants Kill.

The story is  There have now been at least 11 mass shootings in Wisconsin since 2004 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 26, 2020, and I’ve selected the 6 out of 10 that were not committed by Wisconsin’s white majority.

  1. Nov. 21, 2004: Six people were killed when Chai Soua Vang, 36, shot eight people while deer hunting east of Birchwood in northern Wisconsin. A truck driver from St. Paul, Minn., Vang was sentenced to six consecutive life terms in prison, plus 165 years in confinement, on Nov. 9, 2005.

This is a Hmong mass killing, which we’ve covered extensively. While it may be true in some weird, MSM sense that Vang was “from St. Paul”, he was born in Laos, I.E. an immigrant.

  1. June 9, 2007: Five people were killed in Delavan when Ambrosio Analco entered an upper flat and shot his twin infant boys, his estranged wife, her sister and a friend. Analco, 23, then shot and killed himself.

We call this “immigrant familicide” but people who aren’t interested in the racial angle call men who do this “family annihilators.”

Murderpedia says

Family annihilators tend to be socially isolated husbands and fathers, Levin said.

Analco, who moved to the United States from Mexico, may have found himself in that situation in Delavan, he said.

Which is why we call it immigrant familicide, of course. After reporting hundreds of these cases, I can tell you that "moved to" in these stories acts as a euphemism for "immigrated"; the MSM can't bring themselves to call a murderer an immigrant.

  1. July 4, 2008: Four people were killed and two wounded in an assault-rifle attack when three men fired dozens of shots into a group of about 100 people gathered for an after-hours party in the 2500 block of North 28th Street in Milwaukee.

We call this a “Leaded Law” shooting—a shooting that features astonishingly bad marksmanship is usually a black gang shooting. All the victims have black names, and so do the suspects. Gang rivalry was blamed.

  1. Oct. 21, 2012: Three people were killed and four wounded when Radcliffe Haughton, 45, went on a shooting rampage at the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield, where his wife worked. Haughton then shot himself inside the spa.

This is a typical failure of restraining orders to prevent the murder of unarmed women.

You would think a guy named Radcliffe Haughton would be white, but no—he’s a Jamaican immigrant.

  1. May 3, 2015: Sergio Valencia del Toro killed three people and injured a fourth when he opened fired on the Fox Cities Trestle Trail bridge in Menasha. The gunmen shot himself in the head and died later at a hospital.

This guy was an Air Force veteran, so you might think he’s an American born Hispanic, but no, “Valencia del Toro was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and moved to the Los Angeles area as a teenager.”

Presumably he was a legal "moved to"—or legalized somehow, because illegals aren't supposed to serve in the Air Force—but it's still an Immigrant Mass Murder.

  1. March 22, 2017: Nengmy Vang killed four people — his wife’s divorce attorney, her co-workers and a police detective in Weston. Vang was shot during a standoff and died from his wounds the morning of April 1.

This is the second Hmong mass killing on the list—Wisconsin is Ground Zero for Hmong immigration and related crime, although you also get these in California.

  1. Feb. 26, 2020: Five people were killed by a gunman at the Milwaukee campus of Molson Coors, Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said. The shooter, a 51-year-old Milwaukee man, was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, Morales added. All of the victims and the suspect were employees at Molson Coors.

It's hasn't been officially announced, but the shooter is alleged to be a disgruntled employee named Anthony Ferrill.

Steve Sailer is comparing it to the case of Omar Thornton, which is what we call a “Disgruntled Minority Massacre”—a case where a black or Hispanic is fired from his job, blames “racism”, and kills some of his mostly-white supervisors and co-workers.

I think that Wisconsin has something other than a "gun control" problem. The other mass shooters on the list were white, but of course, white Wisconsonians don't commit that much mass murder per capita. One of the guys on the list was a white guy named Wade Michael Page, and unlike most of the shootings above, the national press was interested in his motives, although not, of course in the "root causes" as they were with Thornton.

That was national news because it was the Sikh Temple Shooting, and brought then-First Lady Michelle Obama to Wisconsin to denounce "anti-Sikh" violence, which as I pointed out at the time, is almost all committed by black youths.

In that case, we learned rapidly the race of the shooter (white) the race of the victims (Sikh) and his motives.

Why do we never hear that a black gunman shot some white coworkers because he was a racist?


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