Radio Derb Transcript Up For July 22: Millennials Are Serfs, Real Estate Nationalism, Amy Wax Persecuted & Jail More Criminals, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for July 22, 2022. Go here to read or listen.

02:57 Millennials are  serfs.  (Backwards into the future.)

07:55  The case for real-estate nationalism.  (Our own people first.)

13:14  A cauldron of iniquity.  (The corruption of Higher Ed.)

21:13  Recidivism revisited. (The double benefit of longer sentences.)

29:43  Polypharmacy peril.  (I‘ll stick at three.)

31:27  A really old galaxy.  (And a really old joke.)

32:45  Down with gerontocracy!  (The Founders were young.)

34:56  Phrase salad.  (Prince Harry addresses the UN.)

36:51  DefCon 4 at the CIA.  (A noose! A noose!)

37:46  One more reason to celebrate July 12th.  (England‘s birthday.)

39:19  The crab invasion.  (A creative solution.)

40:53  Signoff.  (With The HU.)

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