"Migrant Caravan" Back Again, Breaks Into Guatemala, Will Probably Be Stopped By Mexico Before Getting To US
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The famous "migrant caravan" is back, starting in Honduras and breaking into Guatemala:

Trump has, by tariff threats and jawboning, convinced the President of Mexico to not give illegal aliens free passage, and coronovirus-based lockdown at the US border, which is why The Guardian's headline is

Thousands of migrants cross into Guatemala with slim hopes of reaching US

The caravan from Honduras is the biggest since the pandemic hit Central America in March, triggering a rise in unemployment and poverty, Guardian, October 1, 2020

Another headline says

Honduras caravan heads towards US to escape pandemic-induced poverty

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There's always poverty in Honduras, although I'm sure it's worse with no tourism, et cetera. That doesn't justify a gang of Honduran criminals breaking into one sovereign country (Guatemala) in order to get to a second sovereign country (Mexico) in order to invade a third sovereign country, the United States of America.

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