Mickey Kaus notes Sunday's MSM Pro-Amnesty Shutout
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Mickey Kaus has returned to commenting on the extraordinary totalitarian conformity of pro Amnesty coverage in the MSM

10 to 0–The MSM’s idea of a debate: Thanks to Politico for the list of all the guests on the five major networks’ Sunday talk shows (on all of which immigration was a hot topic of the day). I count thirteen politicians or administration figures. Of these guests, ten vigorously support some form of immigration amnesty...there were no politicians opposing amnesty debating them. Zero. None. FOX included…

Has there ever been an issue on which the big national media were so one-sided and so untroubled by how one-sided they are? You’d think they’d at least find the kookiest anti-amnesty crackpot they could find and put them on. But they don’t even do that.

TV chat: All pro-amnesty, all the timeThe Daily Caller 04/08/2013

As is invariably the case nowadays, the comment thread is vitriolically hostile to Amnesty – and to the GOP leadership


diluting our citizenship and ignoring our resounding no insures the GOP is a dead entity. we will not support them in this any further as they screw up everything they touch. no difference no vote no support. we have had it.

On the Republicans, Rush Limbaugh’s remarks come to mind

Somewhere in the Republican establishment, there are a lot of people who are totally... I wish I could use a colloquial term to describe 'em here.. …they're hell-bent on immigration, these establishment guys. Whoever they are, they're hell-bent on it. They have a singular focus on that that arouses my curiosity

Curiosity about the behavior of the MSM, which after all is in serious danger of boring its audience away, is even more appropriate.

As America’s immigration disaster proceeds, increasingly Patriots will have to consider the question: How did this happen? 

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