Mexican Media Play Up DREAMER Sob Story
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I'm currently visiting Mexico, and have been watching the nightly news on the Televisa network. The network is owned by white Mexican billionaire Emilio Azcarraga Jean and the nightly news program is hosted by white Mexican anchor Joaquin Lopez-Doriga.

Of course, he's talked about amnesty in the U.S., and went on about Sebastien de la Cruz, the boy who sang the national anthem in San Antonio and was ridiculed on Twitter.

Last night was a real classic. The broadcast began with a video demonstrating "El Rostro Cruel de la Migración"—the Cruel Face of Migration.

It portrayed three young illegal aliens residing in the United States, one from Mexico, one from Brazil and one from Colombia.

They currently reside in Boston, Seattle and Miami. But they went together to a fence at Nogales on the U.S.-Mexican border, where, in a carefully-organized publicity stunt, their three mothers were on the other side of the fence, on the Mexican side.

NYTimes Hypes Amnesty with Fabricated Sob Story SpinSo they hugged through the fence and blubbered on cue.(Brenda Walker blogged about this PR stunt here, and the NYT cooperated, see pic on the right.)

Of course, Lopez-Doriga's millions of Mexican viewers are supposed to respond with sympathy, how terrible that our fence separates families! They haven't seen their mothers in six years!(The reason the kids can't just go see them on a day trip to Mexico is that the kids are DREAMERs—deportable illegals with no right to reenter the US, and only Federal inaction keeping them on the US side of the border.)

The anchor called them "victimas de la migración", as if these young people were personally forced to illegally enter our country. 

Well, putting aside the fact that this was a shameless PR stunt, let's remember that nobody is preventing these three young people from returning to their countries of origin!

Latin Americans who really want to keep their families together stay in Latin America!

Also, consider another detail.

Even though these three young people are illegal aliens being publicly filmed on the border, nothing happened to them. The Border Patrol didn't detain them. So they can continue with their ongoing PR stunt of pretending to suffer as illegal aliens "living in the shadows" in Gringolandia.

If you'd like to view the video yourself, click here.

Even if you don't understand Spanish, you ought to be able to get the gist of it, as it's not at all subtle. If you're accustomed to viewing public hypocrisy on this issue, it ought to be crystal clear.

Remember too that millions of Mexicans watch Lopez-Doriga each night of his broadcast.

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