Mexican Flag-waving Mob Harassing Motorists Outside Trump Rally in Costa Mesa, CA
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The picture above is from an anti-Trump procession going on in the San Fernando Valley that has shut down freeway onramps.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 22.09.04

The San Fernando Valley traffic jams are separate from the car-burning traffic jams going on in Costa Mesa outside the Trump rally, but both events are united by the prevalence of Mexican flags.

Not really terribly smart about their visuals, are they?

Kylie replies:

They don’t have to be smart about their visuals. They’re on the right side of history. They’re who we are.
From the L.A. Times:
Protests rage outside Trump rally in O.C.; roads closed, police car smashed Ruben Vives and Matt Hamilton
Here’s a short video filmed off KTLA’s live feed of the anti-Trump mob attacking a police car:

Here’s an anti-Trump protester falling off the police car he’s jumping upon:

Will they be able to spin this as Trump’s fault?

E.g., How dare the Republican frontrunner hold a political rally in Orange County, of all places!

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