Mexican Ambassador To Mexicans In USA: Become Citizens Now!
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Amidst all the talk about supposed foreign interference in American affairs, supposedly by Russia, it's important to remember the kind of foreign interference the Main Stream Media cheers.
The Mexican ambassador to the United States is urging more Mexican citizens living abroad to apply for U.S. citizenship, ahead of President-elect Donald Trump's administration.

Ambassador Carlos Sada Solana told Mexican state news agency Notimex Tuesday that applying for citizenship could be an important defense against deportation and other actions if Trump changes U.S. immigration policies.

"It's one of the very important protection actions to become citizens, because then they're no longer subject to deportation processes and on the other hand, they don't lose Mexican citizenship," he told Notimex.

[Mexican ambassador urges immigrants to apply for US citizenshipby Rafael Bernal, The Hill, December 21, 2016]

Migration is a weapon in international relations. In 1975 for example, the Moroccan government coordinated the so-called "Green March," a mass unarmed demonstration to force the handover of the Spanish Sahara. Essentially, they moved in their people, dared the Spanish to shoot, and when they did not, proclaimed they had seized the territory.

As has been exhaustively documented at over the years, this is exactly what the Mexican government is doing. The Mexican government sees the migration of its people to El Norte not as a sign of a shameful national failure, but as a way to spread its influence and seize American resources. Thus, we have the Mexican government lecturing Americans on our immigration policies and openly telling its citizens to opportunistically "become Americans" in order to block patriotic action.

And the Mexican government will use its vast consular network within our borders to further these policies.

Sada said Mexican consulates will expand their service hours to better provide information and assistance to their citizens amid concerns about how citizenship policies may change after Jan. 20.

“The best we can do is inform ourselves and be conscious about our situation, and to know that in the consulates we have personnel that is dedicated specifically to the subject of protection," he said.

Mexico maintains the largest consular network of any country in any other, with 50 consulates in the United States.

President Trump needs to tell the Mexican government to stay out of our internal affairs. If the Mexicans won't, we should seize the consulates. And if liberal journalists feel like covering a hostile state which actually seeks to destroy our independence, they shouldn't look across the oceans to Russia, but across the Rio Grande at the enemy to our south.
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