Measles Outbreak In Washington State Caused (For Once) By GoodWhites, Not Immigrants
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A story in the Washington Post is about a health problem which is, for once, not attributable to aliens, legal or illegal, but to America’s GoodWhite population:

It will take off like a wildfire’: The unique dangers of the Washington state measles outbreak,  by Lena H. Sun and Maureen O'Hagan, Washington Post, February 6, 2019

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Amber Gorrow is afraid to leave her house with her infant son because she lives at the epicenter of Washington state’s worst measles outbreak in more than two decades. Born eight weeks ago, Leon is too young to get his first measles shot, putting him at risk for the highly contagious respiratory virus, which can be fatal in small children.

Gorrow also lives in a community where she said being anti-vaccine is as acceptable as being vegan or going gluten free. Almost a quarter of kids in Clark County, Wash., a suburb of Portland, Ore., go to school without measles, mumps and rubella immunizations, and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) recently declared a state of emergency amid concern that things could rapidly spin out of control.

Measles outbreaks have sprung up in nine other states this winter, but officials are particularly alarmed about the one in Clark County because of its potential to go very big, very quickly.

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the nation’s most vocal and organized anti-vaccination activists. That movement has helped drive down child immunizations in Washington, as well as in neighboring Oregon and Idaho, to some of the lowest rates in the country, with as many as 10.5 percent of kindergartners statewide in Idaho unvaccinated for measles. That is almost double the median rate nationally.[More]

What you need to know is that these are all white people. Non-whites and immigrants don’t go in for this kind of thing, although they do have their own weird diseases and pathologies.

In particular, it’s quite likely that a Mexican illegal has been vaccinated at some point by the Government of Mexico. A sniffy article in The Week during a 2015 measles scare titled No, illegal immigrants probably aren't responsible for the measles outbreak said

Also, Mexico and Central America have pretty robust vaccination programs. In his radio interview, Rep. [Mo] Brooks concern-trolls the "illegal aliens," kindly noting that they "have not been blessed with the kind of health care, the kind of immunizations that we demand of our children in the United States."

But that's nationalistic nonsense. According to World Health Organization estimates, the U.S. has a measles vaccination rate of 92 percent, while Mexico and Nicaragua have 99 percent vaccination rates and Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador each have 93 percent vaccination rates. If anything, those countries should be concerned about Americans coming down to visit.

Anti-American point taken—these are not particularly free countries, and they don’t believe in letting their peasants go unvaccinated. There was a 2015 outbreak of measles among Somalis in Minnesota, but that was sparked by the Somalis falling for anti-vaxx propaganda:

Asked about diseases the Caravanners and other South-of-the-Border illegals may have, Dr. Marc Siegel said recenlty

"I looked up flu in Mexico, there’s an upsurge of flu right now; there’s respiratory infections; there’s strep throats going on; there is mosquito-borne diseases that we see; dengue fever; there’s a risk of tuberculosis; there’s hepatitis."

But, hey, probably not measles!

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