SLATE: The Donald Caused The Minnesota Somali Measles Outbreak!
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Last week, I wrote about about the measles outbreak among Minnesota’s Somali Muslims, who refuse to be immunized because anti-vaxxers told the Africans that vaccines cause autism.

This week,  Slate has sallied forth with an epistle blaming the outbreak on The Donald and his followers: “The Right Should Blame Trump’s Anti-Vaxxer Pals, Not Islam, for a Measles Outbreak in Minnesota.”

Slate’s weak claim is that anti-vaxxers, whom Trump supposedly supports, are the problem. Not Somali Muslims.


What you had is a bad alignment of the stars: anti-vaccine advocates and African immigrants.

The anti-vaxxers scared the daylights out of low-IQ Africans who, before wading ashore in a land of milk and honey driven by an industrial, computerized economy, barely existed above the level of Stone-Age savages. They adhere to a crazy 8th-century religion of murder and violence. As a group, like most blacks, the Somalis are very susceptible to the claims of cranks, quacks and conspiracy theorists.

If the Somalis hadn’t been here, the anti-vaxxers would haven’t had an audience of gullible ignoramuses to listen, refuse to vaccinate, and cause the outbreak.

So yeah, immigration was part of the problem, even if it wasn’t all the problem.


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