Married White Millennial Men The Ultimate Trumpians
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After it was all said and done, the partisan swapping of working-class whites for college-educated whites was the only remarkable electoral demographic realignment revealed in the 2016 presidential election. A couple of years into Trump’s first term, another realignment appears to be occurring, and it is occurring among all non-Hispanics.

That seminal realignment is occurring among men, and it is generational. Trump is doing better with young men than with older ones. In the case of Jews and blacks, he is doing so in an absolute sense. Among whites (and Asians–though not Hispanics), boomers are no more likely to support him than millennials are, something unthinkable when Dubya, Romney, or McCain were the parties’ standard-bearers.

There is no similar conversion among young white women. The observation that there will never be a winner in the war of the sexes due to too much fraternizing with the enemy is becoming increasingly dated. From Reuters-Ipsos:


The Marriage Gap is more pronounced among young whites than it is among older whites:


Notice that across all age cohorts, married women are more supportive of Trump than are single men.

Something I intend to visit it in greater detail in the near future is the tendency for young men to support Trump more than they identify with the Republican party, a pattern that reverses among older men. Trumpism must be the GOP’s future if it is going to be electorally competitive in said future. The current socialist overshooting may make the boomercon conservatism president Trump has increasingly embraced at the expense of what got campaign Trump elected pay off in the short-term, but its expiration date is approaching.

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