Marco Rubio`s Veep Chances Spiking
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March 30, 2012, 01:33 AM
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A commenter points us to this Intrade betting market chance showing Marco Rubio`s probability of being the Republican Veep spiking last week, before falling off a little bit. Today, Rubio endorsed Romney. Rubio is at 33% and nobody else is above 10%. I`m guessing that is somewhat due to punters hypothesizing in complicated fashions about the Trayvon thingie involving a White Hispanic in Florida. 

Helluva a way to pick a potential President ...

Admittedly, I haven`t paid much attention to Rubio, but doesn`t he have Good-Looking Local Small-Timer written all over him? Not that there`s anything wrong with that. The guy is only 40-years-old and doesn`t particularly appear to be a quick learner, either. 

I realize the neocons and the Tea Partiers both like him, but still ... If he was the exact same guy, but just had an Italian rather than Spanish surname, I`d think he`d be getting talked up as a potential Lt. Governor, not as Vice-President heir apparent. 

Is this the best we can do?