From The Not Quite Getting The Point Department
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The Immigration Policy Center (read: Amnesty Adovate Center) is shocked and concerned that life will be made difficult for illegal aliens by those State laws making life in those States more difficult for illegal aliens.  No duh.
IPC February 2012 by Michele Waslin
The title says it all.  But that is the whole point.  A life of lawbreaking is not supposed to be easy.  And making lawbreaking less easy is the point of law enforcement.  Life is hard out there for a pimp, and certainly should be as hard for an illegal alien.

Almost half the report breathlessly details the work of FAIR, CIS, and Numbers USA to increase immigration enforcement, which, sad to say, has not really been tried much.  They seem to forget since the last amnesty in 1986, during this period of "increased" enforcement, the illegal alien population has skyrocketed to over 11 million.  Hardly something that aliens have feared and that is not mentioning the ongoing Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.  One also gets the sense that IPC was itching to go all $PLC on FAIR, CIS, and Numbers USA, but they resisted the urge to prove that they were are on the losing side of an argument by flailing about screaming "racist."  Which might be commendable, but that would certainly be another example of the tyranny of low expectations.  So no kudos for not screaming racist in a political argument.

Also of interest, besides the minor inconvinience of legal aliens having to carry their green card or passport and I-94, and citizens having to show a birth certificate when registering a car, what is the cost to non-illegals?  They present nothing, but their intent is clear, enforcing the law and deporting illegals is bad for illegals.  But then we all know that.
Of interest, they actually admit that the Arizona and Alabama laws are working:


The goal of an attrition through enforcement strategy is the same as mass deportation: forcing all unlawfully present immigrants to leave the U.S., regardless of time spent here, rootedness to the community, or family connections. The harsh state laws have only succeeded in pushing unauthorized immigrants further underground into the informal economy, or shifting the population elsewhere...
"...shifting population elsewhere..."  Hmmm, like States that welcome illegals or the country they came from.  Precisely the point of the laws.  California is the place you ought to be.  Or better yet, down Mexico way.  They then must admit that attrition through enforcement will work. 
But their real agenda is amnesty, which they also admit:
de facto strategy of attrition through enforcement, it is possible to create a well?functioning, national, legal immigration system for the 21st century. Congress and the President can engage in a serious legislative process to humanely deal with the millions of unauthorized immigrants currently living in the U.S. and to reform the family? and employment?based visa systems so that there are reasonable channels through which future immigrants may enter the country legally.
The United States can do better. Rather than the
To the radical left, amnesty is the first and only solution to illegal immigration.  Pretty weak tea when they claim the impact on Americans is the occasional presentation of a birth certificate when making a very rare trip to a government office.  Even if it is for free gubmt cheese.
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