Man Bites Dog: ICE Bunko Squad Arrests Illegal Aliens
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Not intentionally though.  ICE Bunko Squad arrested almost a dozen illegal aliens from Nigeria related on various bunko charges.  Had the gang, known world-wide and locally in New York, as the Yahoo Boys, not been involved in a non-immigration or customs related crime, they would have been ignored by ICE Bunko Squad.
WaPo/Associated Press May 20, 2014
Mississippi-Based Case Nets 16 Arrests On Fraud
JACKSON, Miss. — Sixteen people from several states and other countries have been arrested on charges that they took part in a fraud that used stolen information to get money and goods and then ship them to South Africa and Nigeria, according to documents unsealed in federal court Tuesday.
The charges by the U.S. Attorney’s office filed in Gulfport, Mississippi, against Oluyitan Olagoke of Brooklyn, New York, say he and others were part of the Yahoo Boys, a west African gang. The charges and a related indictment against 17 other people say that the gang would buy bank account information from hackers, steal money, and then send cash or goods to Africa.
The document said people were arrested in South Africa, Canada, California, Wisconsin, Indiana and New York.
And the report confirms that ICE was not investigating immigration or customs violations, but pursuing cases within the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Secret Service.
Officials said investigators with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had been investigating the schemes since October 2011, when they were contacted by a Mississippi woman who had been a victim. The indictment cited seven Mississippi residents who had been victims.
But at least ICE Bunko Squad actually arrested an illegal alien.  That is something new for ICE Bunko Squad.  Remember, ICE Bunko Squad only arrested 5,000 illegal aliens in 2013.
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