"Lying About One's Race on a College Application Isn't Exactly a Crime"
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From the Daily Mail:

… According to the applications Singer’s operation handled, applicants claimed to be underrepresented minorities based on a weak connection such as a distant relative of Native American ancestry.

Hmmhmmmh … Does that remind you of anybody in the news?

In one case a teenager was presented as Native American when ‘there was absolutely nothing Native American about this kid’, according to the report.

By playing the race card Singer and his scam are tapping into the fiery controversy over the weight race should have in school admissions.

Many schools say they consider race in their admissions policies to create a diverse, rich learning environment for all students. …

Though lying about one’s race on a college application isn’t exactly a crime, it can lead to disciplinary action by the school. …

Evidently, so few white people cheat that it’s been allowed to remain a legal gray area for 50 years. I explored the remarkable aspects of the “affirmative action honor system” in a Taki’s column last year.

Or does any lawyer out there know exactly what law you could be charged with breaking?

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