lllegal Immigrant Arrested For Murder In Mollie Tibbetts Case
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The Mollie Tibbetts case has been fascinating the media for weeks. She is a young girl who went missing in Iowa, seemingly without a trace. The FBI, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and other law enforcement bodies have all been searching for her. There was even a fund of $400,000 established for her return.

It appears the mystery may have been solved. A man has been charged in the murder of Tibbetts—and it is an illegal immigrant.

Cristhian Rivera, 24, was charged on Tuesday after leading police to the corn field where he dumped Mollie's body after attacking her on July 18 in Brooklyn, Iowa.

Rivera, who has been in the US illegally for between four and seven years but is from Guayabillo in Guerrero, Mexico, followed her in his dark Chevy Malibu as she ran at around 7.30pm on July 18. 

He 'blacked out' and attacked her after she threatened to call the police unless he left her alone. Rivera was identified by surveillance footage obtained in the last couple of weeks from someone's home.

It showed him following the student in his car and Mollie running ahead of him.  It is not yet clear how Mollie died. 

Rivera told police that after seeing her, he pulled over and parked his car to get out and run with her. 

Mollie grabbed her phone and threatened to call the police before running off ahead. The suspect said that made him 'panic' and he chased after her.

That's when he 'blacked out.' 

[Illegal immigrant, 24, charged with murdering Mollie Tibbetts after he admits chasing her down, ‘blacking out and attacking her; then dumping her body in a cornfield, by Jennifer Smith, Hannah Parry, and Ben Ashford, Daily Mail, August 21, 2018]

Rivera has a baby with a “girlfriend,” and presumably that baby was born in America and is now an American citizen, just like you and me. Rivera “lived with a number of other migrant workers on a secluded farmhouse… owned by their employer,” a dairy farm owner. Once again, cheap labor not just degrades American wages, but costs American lives. Not that it matters to journalists and cheap labor lobbyists; just last month, the New York Times Opinion section published a piece from an Iowan claiming that only immigrants are keeping the state's communities alive

The case would have gone down the memory hole except President Trump brought it up at his rally in West Virginia. Like Kate Steinle, it appears Tibbets is another innocent victim of America's immigration anarchy. It remains to be seen if her case will motivate Americans to action like Steinle's death did.  

Needless to say, many leftist reporters are furious at immigration patriots for bringing up this case.

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