Listen To Robert Rector For 15 Minutes
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Rector is the formidable analyst at the Heritage Foundation who, I've heard, built the intellectual foundation for 1996's welfare reform, a rare public policy success.

Over the last couple of years, Rector has been crunching numbers for the financial burden imposed on the rest of us by the massive immigration of poorly-educated, low-skilled people, both immigrants and illegal aliens. For samples of prior VDARE items touching on Rector's work, see here and here. You can go directly to Rector's work on our subject — about half a dozen reports going back to May of last year — here.

Now you can hear Rector, too. Mark Levin interviewed him for about 15 minutes on 5/17/2006, and the interview is archived here as a ".wma" file (for how long, I don't know — but you can save it to your own machine).

Unlike many talk-radio hosts, Levin lets his guest speak without interrupting after every two sentences, so the interview is a coherent and altogether worthwhile introduction to what Rector has been thinking and doing. Notably, Rector doesn't mince words in stating his conclusions. Highly recommended. Two thumbs up!

Levin also interviewed Center for Immigration Studies executive director Mark Krikorian on his 5/17/06 show. Audio for this and other segments of that show are available here.

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