Arab Terrorist Illegals To Be Regularized Under The Same Terms As Mexican Gangster Illegals
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Hugh Hewitt has posted some snippets from an interview with White House spokesman Tony Snow:

HH: Are young men who entered this country illegally, or who overstayed their visas illegally, whose country of origin was either in Central Asia or an Arab country eligible for regularization under this bill?

TS: Well, they would be eligible for regularization only if they met a whole series of standards. If they have broken the law while they’re here, they’re not eligible. If they do not remain continuously employed, they’re not eligible for regularization. If they do not provide, do not present themselves for a tamper-proof ID that has biometric information, submit themselves to background checks, they are not eligible for regularization. If they do not master the English language and culture, they’re not eligible for regularization.


TS: Well again, let’s see, let’s walk through. No, because at least in one of those cases, you’d had, maybe in a couple of them, you’d had expired student visas, which are going to themselves be subject to far more scrutiny. And in terms of background checks, I’m going to have to go back and find out whether they kept their noses clean or not.

HH: Tony…

TS: But if you’re asking me, Hugh, if it’s going to be possible using immigration law to find out whether somebody has not previously broken the law, whether they are going to commit an act of terror, whether they are an American citizen or not? No, that’s not going to be what immigration law is about.


HH: But what I’m saying is if there are in fact hundreds or thousands of jihadists who have come here illegally, across the border or via visa overstays, that this law makes no provision for a special category of men, young men, originating from these countries. They’re going to be waived through. And so while immigration not may not…

TS: Well, wait a minute. What do you mean by waived through?

HH: They’re just getting in the same line with the decent, hard-working Mexicans.[ Tony Snow On The Immigration Bill Fiasco Posted by Hugh Hewitt | Friday, May 18, 2007 9:58 PM]

Of course, the bottom line is that in spite of 9/11, the War In Iraq, and various attempted and successful terrorist acts since then Administration is unwilling to discriminate in any way against Arabs. That applies in air travel, and it applies in immigration.

So the Senate Sellout applies to Arab illegals on exactly the same basis as it does to Mexican illegals, because of the Bush Administrations anti-profiling ideology.

That's in spite of the fact that immigration policy is the policy area where common sense doesn't have to be trumped by the ACLU and the Civil Rights act, since there is no right to immigrate.

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