Limbaugh Doubles Up: Denounces GOP Establishment Attempt To Prevent Conservative/ Tea Party Influence At Conventions
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Rush Limbaugh is growing in his role as alternative Presidential candidate. Following his denunciation yesterday of Treason Lobby influence in the GOP Establishment—

…they're hell-bent on immigration, these establishment guys. Whoever they are, they're hell-bent on it. They have a singular focus on that that arouses my curiosity.

—he has today flagged an attempt to rig future GOP Conventions: GOP Establishment Tries to Change Delegate Rules to Marginalize Conservatives August 28, 2012

The purpose of the rules change, which was orchestrated by Ben Ginsberg — he's working for Romney, but it's the establishment GOP…is to eliminate any influence of Tea Party activists or grassroots people or conservatives, essentially, from having any power at future conventions.

He goes on

The establishment Republicans want to kick the conservatives out of the party. They don't want the conservatives having any say-so in the party whatsoever.

According to Limbaugh, the immediate reason is fear. He cites an AP story Happy now for tea party help, GOP faces challenges by Charles Babington August 27, 2012 which is standard-issue MSM Majority/Minority triumphalism and says

…let me translate this for you. The Republican Party that's showing its face to America this week is a restless bunch of white racists who hate Latinos, hate women, don't want any abortions, don't want any amnesty, don't want any immigration reform, and want old folks to die.

Now, the Republican establishment will read this story, and rather than get livid at it, they'll say, "We gotta get rid of these conservatives. They're killing us."

Limbaugh then makes a key point: the fear is not so much as about the election, as what any GOP Administration will have to endure afterwards:

The full arsenal of the left, including the media, is doing everything it can to intimidate everybody at this convention into shutting up…

Just shut up!

Otherwise, you're gonna pay a price like you haven't seen. We're gonna make this country hate every one of you. You may win, but we're gonna make everybody hate you and think you are the most despicable enemy this country has ever had. And when the party's not made up of a lot of fighters...

To anyone who is aware of the debacle of the second Nixon Administration and the successful Watergate coup d’état this a very serious issue, as I discussed in

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Limbaugh is performing a great national service here, one which I note the Drudge Report has contemptibly dodged, no doubt for the usual reason.

Interestingly from a Question point of view, Limbaugh is framing the matter in broad cultural terms:

It was the early nineties, in the Hamptons. I'm at a dinner party of mostly establishment Republicans. Major figures (you'd know the names), big donors, fundraisers would come up to me, and point their finger in my chest. They'd actually jab my chest.

"What are you gonna do about the Christians?"

"What do you mean, what am I gonna do about the Christians?"

"This abortion! It's killing us! We're never gonna win a damn thing. They listen to you. You gotta get them to shut up about this."

I said, "They're only 24 million votes. You can't win anything without 'em."

"We don't want 'em! It's not good. It's embarrassing."

Well, that's 1992, '93. We're now at 2012. It's 20 years. That's how long it's been building. That is something that existed then, existed during the eighties with Reagan. There was embarrassment over Reagan.

My guess is that it was not just interest in winning elections which was motivating Limbaugh’s dinner companion.

Limbaugh is no doubt moving in this direction because he is listening to his listeners. The GOP managers had better listen too

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