Sununu Aligns with Alien Amnesty
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To the many establishment Republicans who believe as a matter of faith that a big amnesty for millions of foreign intruders is the key to future popularity, you can add John Sununu, the former Governor of New Hampshire. He apparently believes that the GOP can win the Hispander bidding war against Democrats from Chicago.

Sununu urges comprehensive action on immigration, Los Angeles Times, August 27, 2012

[. . .] Asked in Spanish how a Romney administration might handle young people who were brought to the United States illegally by their parents, Sununu suggested that Romney might support a law to protect them – something that Romney himself has not said. Earlier this summer, before Obama announced his administration’s new policy, Rubio said he was trying to round up support among Republicans for a measure that would provide some type of legal status for the so-called Dream Act young people. Romney conspicuously did not endorse the idea.

Sununu appeared to take a step toward that. “We need to do something by law,” not just executive action, he said in Spanish. What one president does by executive action, a later president could undo, he noted. [. . .]

Did Sununu and the other R-suits snooze through the 2008 election?? Republican hispandering didnt work then and theres no reason to think it would work any better now.

Candidate McCain was a major amnesty promiser, and he had a history as a true believer (plotting with Ted Kennedy to reward foreign lawbreakers) so his offers were entirely credible. Discussing amnesty on Spanish-speaking Univision TV McCain declared he would do it in the first day of his Presidency.

But a generous pledge of mega-amnesty garnered Sen. McCain a pathetic 31 percent of the hispanic vote. (Even so, the failed candidate urged Mitt Romney to tone down his message of immigration enforcement with hispanics so helpful!)

Does this abject failure deserve a second try? On what basis?

Hispanics know that the Democrat party offers the big trough of goodies, and they prefer an array of freebies to supplement their incomes rather than being self-sufficient. Its a cultural thing. They come from a big-government culture and arent astute enough to understand that America offers more opportunity because of less government intrusion and more freedom or at least it did until recently.

Research from Pew Hispanic informs us that hispanic immigrants prefer big government and do so for generations, unlike the traditional American population.

We shouldnt forget the recent election in France, in which the Muslim vote provided the winning edge to Socialist François Hollande.

Demography is unforgiving.

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