Libertarians Crazed With Hate For Get Story Sent Down Memory Hole
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A minor kerfuffle has just popped up in my inbox. Financial site recently did a chart on the costs of immigration, and if you're searching for information on the costs of immigration, one place to find it is here. That led to a flurry of posts by people who hate us: broke all records in caving and giving in to censorship—the post which was now directs you which says
[T]he recent blog post ”The Economic Impact of Immigration” went too far, cited polarized sources and did not receive the editorial judgment and oversight it deserved.

We regret it. It is completely unacceptable and won’t happen again. Our intention was not to further the agenda of any of the sources from which data was pulled, and the post has been removed.

- Lee Sherman, Editor of MintLife

All of which proves, once again, that  is not so much a "hate" website as a "hated" website. Most of the comments on the update are saying things like "put that post back," and that includes commenters who would disagree with it.

I'm not going to go into the accuracy of the original post, but remind critics that "Comment is free, but facts are sacred," and makes an effort to ensure that our facts are right, and to link to the original sources.

If you're too cowardly to quote us, quote the Pew Hispanic Center, and pretend that you dug it up yourself.

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