LA Schools Continue to Crater
July 18, 2008, 05:10 AM
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In 2001, then-Mayor James Hahn declared Los Angeles a "Mexican city", as if that were a good thing.

It hasn`t worked out that way, to say the least, and the miserable state of school performance is a top indicator.

The continuing failure of youngsters to even complete high school is the totally expected result when the government allows millions of unscholarly Mexicans to fill up a city.

More than one-third of Los Angeles Unified high school students drop out, according to a new study released Wednesday that is expected to end a long controversy over the accuracy of state dropout rates.

The district`s four-year dropout rate of 33.6 percent was well above the statewide average of 24.2 percent, sparking renewed calls to beef up academic standards in the nation`s second-largest school district.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O`Connell said the new numbers indicate the state`s schools are facing a crisis.

"The dropout rate of 24 percent is too high. It`s unacceptable and must be addressed," he said.

Did the State Superintendent just awake from two decades of unconsciousness? The only change here is that there are newly calculated statistics — claimed to be more accurate — showing California`s schools are an unmitigated disaster because of immigration, with emphasis on Mexicans. Pretending surprise at the degree of failure doesn`t fool anyone.