England...Then America?
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Since Google News is largely influenced by automated traffic tracking, it is no surprise that the only easily accessible reference to the following story appears in the Hindustan Times: Far right's bid to stop non-white immigration gets support Prasun Sonwalkar Friday, July 18 2007
The far-right British National Party (BNP) is gaining more support for its policy of stopping "all further non-white immigration" and encouraging voluntary resettlement of Britain's non-whites in "their lands of ethnic origin". The party…won another council by-election on Thursday, to gain its 17th local council seat in England. BNP candidate David Exley defeated Tabassum Aslam of the Liberal Democrats in the Heckmondwike by-election for Kirklees council in West Yorkshire. The Labour candidate came fourth. …BNP candidate Exley said, "I was talking common sense, it's as simple as that."
In the U.K.—which has a much smaller land area than New York State—local elections frequently align with national politics. The U.K. MSM has absolutely no interest in publicizing this story. All Hail, Internet!

Given the disgraceful lack of legally protected free speech in Britain, the BNP works under terrible difficulties.

But truth will out….even in America,

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