Kids Shipped North for Non-Mexican Christmas
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Just as Macy's and Sears enjoy a Christmas increase in business, so do Mexican people-smugglers. The reason is the illegal aliens here who want the kiddies delivered to their US addresses: they don't ring Fedex, but instead contact Call-a-Coyote to haul their children—who are sometimes drugged, often terrified—across the border.

The director of the port of entry at Hidalgo, David Higgerson, put it this way: "As the holiday season is already upon us, so also is the season for child smuggling." [Child smuggling shows upsurge, El Universal 12/11/06]

Curiously, the parents with those famously family-friendly Mexican values seem disinterested in the harm their children might encounter from coyotes. Innocent children may be subjected to horrific abuse at the hands of smugglers.

As for entrusting children to professional smugglers, "if they're young girls they could be raped. Little boys can be sold to other families," said Nina Pruneda of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. "They could be kidnapped, held for more money. Some actually make it, end up with their families, everything's happy. Others don't."

In addition, unattached illegal children picked up by US authorities are placed in taxpayer-funded shelters with plenty of amenities until relatives can be found. Sadly, for some kids, a shelter full of strangers is better than home.

But the expansion of expensive services to foreign children is only one aspect of the efforts of utopian do-gooders to provide welfare to the world, despite America's overspent credit card now approaching $9 trillion in the hole.

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