Time for (Sniff!) Immigrant Christmas Tales
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What's Christmas without illegal alien sob stories based around the holidays? Poor Juan and the tens of millions like him, the MSM nags every year, "immigrants" are miserable at Christmas because of meanie Americans and their obsession with borders and other trifling legalities.

"Christmas Is a Lonely Day for an Immigrant Laborer" is a classic of the genre, with particular attention paid to atmospherics:

Unable to sleep on Christmas morning, a rare day off, Juan rose at 6. He propped open the window and sucked in the cold, damp Mamaroneck air and wondered what his children were doing. Probably sleeping, he said. He imagined their faces, smiling and laughing when they got up and unwrapped their gifts. Gazing from the window onto a deserted side street in downtown Mamaroneck, Juan took in the forlorn winter trees. "Christmas at home is a lot prettier than here," he said.

Naturally, Vdare.com would like nothing better than for the Juans illegally residing in the US to be happily at home with the wife and kiddies.

Here's a two-hanky model, with a little more diversity than some: "Cry for Dad." Though the man being deported and his family are Muslims, we are supposed to believe their suffering is even worse because of Christmas.

Jersey City resident Irfan M. Khokhar will not be home for Christmas and it's breaking the hearts of his wife Sayyida and the couple's five school-age children.

"Without my husband I am nothing. My children are nothing," Sayyida said on Thursday between crying fits. "I can't survive. I walk I fall down."

Although the Khokhars are Muslim, Sayyida said she and her American-born children have adopted Christmas because it is the holiday of the people who have rallied to help them.

What a media.

If you prefer an upbeat immigrant Christmas story, see "Bilingual Santa Claus hears all wishes" from Georgia 151 "Buenos Dias, Santa!"

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