Christmas (Or At Least Holiday) Trees Back in Seattle
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Seattlest, a blog about all things Seattle, is reporting that Rabbi Elazar Bogomilskyhas withdrawn his lawsuit, and the Port of Seattle

has decided to replace the trees it removed from the international arrivals area of the airport over the weekend. Rabbi Bogomilsky withdrew his suit, but we're guessing the reversal had more to do with the national attention the Port got than any actions on the part of the rabbi.

What they're putting back are officially called "holiday trees" which the same blog earlier described this way

"holiday trees" are evergreens that have been decorated with lights and garland and small hanging ornaments - They're similar to Christmas trees, except holiday trees don't go to heaven when they drop their needles.

We have been doing our part in stoking the "national attention" that the Port of Seattle noticed. See posts by Patrick Cleburne here, here, and here.

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