Kathy Shaidle On The Left's Reponse To 9/11:"Congratulating Themselves For Bravely Keeping Us Crazed Rednecks In Line"
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I've written that American liberals, in the face of a Muslim attack on America, immediately responded by forming a "Society For The Protection of Enemy Aliens."

Kathy Shaidle writes that

In the days following 9/11, liberals (left and right) feared, not another attack by Muslims, but attacks on Muslims.

When those attacks stubbornly failed to materialize, disappointed liberals then cleverly used that distinct shortage of attacks to gloat about how "tolerant" and (you guessed it) "liberal" America is.

What liberals are really doing isn't praising you or the America they not-so-secretly loathed the other 364 days of 2001.

They're congratulating themselves for bravely keeping us crazed rednecks in line.

That's the "unity right after 9/11" that Glenn Beck wrongheadedly praises with his 9-12 Project. It's what his new hero MLK would have called a "negative peace." I guess Beck hasn't gotten that far in his reading yet.

Read the whole thing, there's more.

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